Fix Auto USA was founded by collision repair visionaries Erick and Shelly Bickett. Their goal: create a national network of high-performing independent body shops and support it with a unified infrastructure of systems and processes to ensure the best quality and service.

Though a fresh concept at the time, the marriage of entrepreneurial spirit augmented by progressive corporate support proved impossible for the market to resist. Fix Auto USA launched a franchise system and strategy in 2011. Those first 30 or so trailblazers distinguished themselves as the best of the best in their respective markets and served as a key driver that led to rapid expansion. Local trusted businesses transformed into a trusted and recognizable national brand.

The rest, as they say, is history. In just a few years the demand for our franchise model spread to exciting new markets including Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, and Illinois. Our lean and efficient headquarters in Anaheim, California, moved to San Diego, California where a small army of professionals seek out the latest technology and repair methodologies on behalf of our locations, operate a comprehensive call center to schedule appointments for and follow up with customers, and disseminate vital information to our body shops and vehicle owner customers using a variety of media.

Our mission of delivering a world class collision repair experience across the U.S. is far from over, however. We continue to recruit the best, most established and reputable collision repair businesses and hold them accountable to an unparalleled standard of excellence on behalf of the vehicle owners and insurers we serve.