Finding the right collision repair facility is anything but trivial. The stakes are high. Your well-being and that of your family and friends depend upon safe and proper repairs.

For this reason, Fix Auto feels obliged to demonstrate to you the outstanding collision repair pedigree of our franchise locations.

The Gold Class status of our technicians serves as a baseline for our achievement. This certification comes from I-CAR, whose international credibility as a provider of collision repair information, knowledge, and training has no peer. The organization fashioned the industry standard for articulating skill mastery of proper vehicle repair and the Gold Class designation denotes the hours of training and practice that goes into earning such standing.

Closely related is the verification our body shops receive from VeriFacts. The organization is respected throughout the industry for their qualifications in providing independent, third-party verification of a repair facility’s ability to deliver collision repairs safety and per vehicle manufacturer’s strict instructions. VeriFacts experts perform onsite unannounced observations of technician repair skills, methodologies, and overall quality processes, including the tools and technology being used.

In addition to the above valued acknowledgements, Fix Auto’s own program auditors work diligently to ensure the finely honed methodologies and processes we’ve put in place at each location are being followed, to ensure consistency and technical accuracy across the network.

We all know talk is cheap, so at Fix Auto we make it a point to provide concrete assurance of our quality workmanship—just look for the designations in our lobbies.