Repair Authorization Form

I hereby authorize All repairs will be based on Fix Auto Downtown El Monte estimate and invoice and not of any other party.

I hereby authorize the following: $500.00 full disassemble in order to prepare a preliminary estimate. My vehicle will be released in its current “as is” condition not assembled. If I decided to stop repairs for any reason or is considered a total loss, I will pay the disassemble fee and a storage rate of $140 per day starting on the first day the vehicle arrives at the shop to the date I pick up my vehicle from the shop. In order to repair your vehicle, we need your authorization throughout the repair process. Repairs will be delayed until authorization is given. When the preliminary estimate is written I will be called, texted or emailed to authorize the repairs to begin. I will be contacted throughout the repair process. If vehicle is not repaired in our facility or total loss Open file fee of $300 will be collected for processing paperwork and estimate.

I authorize to have to repairs performed by sublet contractors and will warrant any work performed by sublet contractors. Your employees may operate my vehicle for purpose of testing, inspection or to sublet repairs.  All crash parts are new O.E.M. unless otherwise specified. All non-crash parts are new unless otherwise specified.  Batteries may need to be disconnected to facilitate repairs; Fix Auto Downtown El Monte, will not be responsible to reset radio setting or other electronic settings. If there is a price adjustment for the final invoice, we need your approval prior to delivery. An expressed mechanic’s lien is acknowledged on my vehicle within 3 days of the completion date unless prior arrangements have been made. Any costs incurred for the lien sale will be my responsibility. We will submit necessary paperwork on your behalf to the insurance company you request to handle your claim. If we are unable to collect full payment from that insurance company, you the customer, will be responsible to pay the cost of your repairs.

Power of Attorney The undersigned does hereby constitute and appoint Fix Auto Downtown El Monte a California Corporation, by its authorized officers or employees, my our true and lawful attorney to receive, endorse and deliver for payment and to sign the name, place and stead of the undersigned, on any insurance drafts or check, issued by the insurance company made payable for the benefit of the undersigned, and to do any and all things necessary to exercise these powers. Covering any payment for the repairs to my our vehicle with the vin numbers, and the make, model as described on the repair order indicated in authorization section authorized by myself, ourselves, which draft or check Fix Auto Downtown El Monte, is hereby empowered to apply towards any amount due and payable to Fix Auto Downtown El Monte, or the repair of my or our automotive. This Special Power of Attorney expires upon payment in full by the above-named insurance company and the insured for the repairs authorized by the undersigned.

I understand completely that it is my responsibility to remove all my personal belongings from my vehicle prior to leaving it for repairs. This includes, but is not limited to loose change, compact discs, glasses, jewelry, and garage openers. I understand Fix Auto Downtown El Monte will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal items at any time.