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Since you’re here today, we will assume that you have bought a Tesla, or that you are thinking about buying one. Either way, we want you to know that we are the people to call for the best service and repairs.

You need to be careful about who you choose to repair your Tesla. After all, they aren’t like normal cars, so you need to make sure that you choose a mechanic who is familiar with these machines. Their highly technical nature makes it impossible for the average mechanic to help you at all. That’s why you need to see us, a Tesla Approved Body Shop.

What Makes A Tesla Different?

Apart from being named after one of the greatest inventors of all time, Tesla vehicles are all-electric. This makes them a very different kind of machine when compared to standard automobiles. If you think about it, Tesla cars represent the first real leap forward for vehicles since Henry Ford invented the gas-powered automobile.

We Work Directly With Tesla

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Tesla Authorized Collision Repair

Our Tesla Authorized Body shop has put a lot of effort into becoming a certified Tesla repair shop. It is not easy to get this distinction, and it requires skills that most traditional mechanics do not have. However, we pride ourselves on being able to find the best people to work for us. As such, even a high-tech piece of engineering like a Tesla Model S is no big deal to repair.

We are part of a certification program that is overseen by Tesla so that they can ensure that everything is being done correctly. This partnership also ensures that we always have the right tools and equipment to diagnose and repair a Tesla to ensure structural integrity and quality. There are lots of benefits to being a Tesla certified auto body shop, and we want to pass those benefits on to you through our commitment to good service and customer satisfaction.

As for parts, we will never dirty your vehicle with a used part. We get all our Tesla parts directly from the company and delivered promptly. Each part is inspected and tested to make sure that it is up to the level of quality that we (and you) expect. We are fully equipped to rebuild each Tela Model.

We highly recommend that you ask any collision shop to show their certification if you are thinking about hiring their services. Any collision shop that doesn’t have that I-CAR certificate is unlikely to give you the best results for your money, they don’t demand the highest standards our factory trained technichians have gone through. In fact, they could even be fraudulent in some way, although it’s not polite to assume as much. Best to just play it safe and bring your Tesla to our shop instead.

The Tesla Approved Body Shop Network

Tesla takes the quality of their work very seriously, and so do we. All of these cars are made with a five-star crash rating and are thus designed for a high level of safety. When we need to do a collision repair job on your Tesla, we will take great care to ensure that your safety is not compromised. We will make that machine look and drive like new.

All of our work comes with a limited lifetime warranty. There are some conditions, of which you will be made aware, but we are always willing to stand behind our work. If your Tesla malfunctions because of a mistake that we made, you are covered all the way. Of course, that sort of thing almost never happens, but we like to cover all the bases.

We Are Certified Tesla Collision Specialists

We make sure that all of our mechanics are well-versed in the art of collision repair. On request, we will be happy to show you our I-CAR certification, which indicates that we have been certified by the highest authority for this kind of work. I-CAR, also known as the inter-industry conference on auto collision repair, is an agency that works with many different auto manufacturers and regulatory bodies to make sure that all collision repair mechanics can provide the same services with the same kind of competent results.

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  • ASE Certified
  • I-Car Gold Class


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We Will Make Your Tesla Look Like New!

We know that you probably paid a lot for your Tesla, and we want to help you protect your investment. That’s one reason that we have the best auto painting operation that you could ever want. We can do an entire re-painting job, or we can do a spot as small as a quarter. Whatever you need, we will get it done and make your vehicle look like new again.

Only a group of people with talent, skills, and the right training can repair horrendous collision damage in such a way that it can never be seen again. Most shops cannot do that, but we most certainly can. If you need new windows, new rearview mirrors, new headlights, or anything else, that’s no problem. We can probably get them cheaper than you can, and we will use that fact to save you some money.

Conclusion: Why Choose Fix Auto As Your Tesla Body Shop?

At Fix Auto, we have the expertise and the highly trained staff that are necessary to repair and maintain a vehicle of this type. Don’t waste your time with those other mechanics, who aren’t properly trained to handle this sort of machine. We are family-owned and have been providing excellent service to the El Monte area for nearly a decade.

As a Tesla owner, you are ahead of the curve, and we have made it our business to keep it that way. Be sure to stop in the next time that you need any sort of repairs done. While you’re at it, fill out the contact form below so that we can keep in touch and keep you updated.

  • Free Estimates
  • We are Independently Owned
  • Industry Leading Paint-Matching Technology
  • Highest-Quality OEM Materials
  • Complete and Professional Paint Repair
  • Hassle Free Negotiation with Insurance Company
  • Limited-lifetime warranty guarantee for all repairs that’s honored at any Fix Auto location
  • Customer-first culture – we help with your insurance claim and also provide crucial repair status updates, so you’re always in the loop
  • Comprehensive repair services – from minor fender benders to major collision repair work, there’s no job too big or too small for Fix Auto Downtown El Monte
  • Highest collision repair standards in the country – our technicians are I-CAR Gold Class certified
  • Local, familiar faces – our auto body shop in El Monte is community-based, and also enjoys the resources and capability of the premier nationwide collision repair network
  • Over 30 yrs Of Collision Repair Experience
  • Reduced Cycle Time – Get your car back sooner!

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